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"Power Crunch" Article from the Globe and Mail

I was recently asked by the Globe and Mail to comment on the workout of Ron James. The column is "Power Crunch", and is written by Monique Savin. It is based on an interesting premise. They ask a famous Canadian what his/her workout routine is and have an expert critique it with two suggestions. Here is a link to the online column from November 29 th 2010. It is supposed to be included in the print version of the newspaper.

My response was condensed so I have included my recommendations to Mr James below:

You say you have always wanted to compete in an indoor rowing match - set yourself a goal. Despite your busy schedule it sounds as though you are able to keep your exercise routine at home. The base of your training is already there, you just have to pick a race, plan out the appropriate training, and commit to it by registering for the race.

Your knees sound like they are in pretty rough shape. Depending on what's actually wrong, there are different exercises that you should be doing. The exercises should focus on muscle balance in the hips, knees and ankles as they work together. Problems with one of these joints can affect the function of the others. This exercise may not get you back to running but will at the very least slow the progression joint degeneration.

The appropriate exercises should aim to optimize muscle balance. As one example, rowing strengthens the quadriceps (at the front of the thigh) but has less strengthening effect on the hamstrings (at the back of the thigh). So exercises that minimize any tightness of the quadriceps and promote adequate strength of the hamstrings is important for rowers, especially those with bad knees.


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