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How the Heart Works the Electrical System
Posted Mar 22 2013.
Hopefully you will find this blog entry helpful in understanding a little more about the heart's electrical system. It is the basis of understanding arrhythmia (irregular heart beats or palpitations)) and conduction abnormalities (like right and left bundle branch blocks) (read more...)

Making the Most of Winter Tips for exercise outdoors
Posted Feb 9 2013.
Taking to the outdoors in the Toronto winter to exercise can be healthy and rewarding. Not only does it beat the treadmill if you find that boring, it can also help beat the winter blues if you are feeling down in the winter months. If you follow a few guidelines for safety and comfort, you can really enjoy the tranquility and serenity that comes with Toronto winters (read more...)


2012 - Year in Review
Posted Jan 3rd 2013.
Reviewing professional highlights of 2012. Last year was a year full of change in my professional practice including a change in locatation. I was also busy writing with a small contribution to the Globe and Mail, and my case study was published in the scientific journal. (read more...)


What happens to the knee with osteoarthritis
Posted Nov 24th 2011.
I was invited to present at a scientific symposium at Toronto Rehab. Although time did not permit my full presentation, this animated graphic and description are part of my original presentation to illustrate the changes seen in the knee joint with osteoarthritis. (read more...)


"Power Crunch" article in the Globe and Mail
Posted Nov 24th 2011.
I was recently asked by the Globe and Mail to comment on the workout of Ron James. The column is "Power Crunch", and is written by Monique Savin. It is based on an interesting premise. They asked Ron James what his workout routine is and asked me to give a critique with two suggestions. (read more...)


How the heart works - blood pumped through the heart
Posted Sep 29th 2010.
The heart is an amazing organ that beating tirelessly day and night. This is a description of the anatomy of the heart and the cardiac cycle which shows how the blood flows through with each beat. (read more...)


Trigger points - a common cause of pain
Posted Mar 5th 2010.
These irritable spots in muscles are a common cause of pain including headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, etc. They can even be misdiagnosed for other pathologic conditions. The good news is they are easily treatable. (read more...)


Chiropractic care can help pregnancy related back and pelvic pain
Posted Sep 2nd 2009.
A review of the scientific evidence concludes that manual manipulation, such as that employed by chiropractors, is safe and effective for relieving pregnancy related back and pelvic pain.
(read more...)


Screening posture or leg length with dual scales
Posted Jul 22nd 2009.
Recently I have been asked by a few people what my opinion was about the use of dual scales for an assessment of posture. Click to see what scientific evidence I could find and a review of the research posted by a manufacturer of such a device. (read more...)

Tips for Spring Fitness
Posted Mar 7th 2009.
Now that the snow and ice in the parks is melting and, hopefully, the warm weather is here to stay many people are looking to head outdoors to get back into shape. The cold weather along with the holidays means many have not been exercising for months, have been eating more, and have gained a few extra unwanted pounds. So before you strap on your water bottle and start sprinting up the hills, here are some basic tips to make it your fitness endeavours smart, safe and enjoyable. (read more...)

If I want to lose weight should I be exercising in the "Fat Burning Zone"?
Posted Jan 28th 2009.
A patient asked me this question. The treadmill she uses has a "fat burning zone" setting, which is, relatively speaking, a slower speed. If find this setting misleads to people to think they must exercise slower to ensure they are only burning fat at this level and therefore optimize weight loss. (read more...)

Does Running in the Cold Burn More Calories? Posted Jan 23rd 2009.
Some people try running in the cold to burn more calories, and thus lose weight. This entry is a simple explanation of the myth of higher caloric expenditure of running in the cold. (read more...)

Inflammation, C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Posted Nov 20th 2008.
A brief description of CRP as a predictor of inflammation in the body and a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and the recent JUPITER study of Crestor that demonstrated that reducing elevated CRP reduced this risk. Exciting implicaions for prevention of heart attacks and strokes! (read more...)

Soaring Gas Prices May Encourage Better Health Posted Sep 17th 2008.
Gas prices soared across Canada last week even before hurricane Ike hit Texas. In Toronto gas jumped about 15 cents and is now about $1.38/ liter at the pumps. This rise has annoyed some people and panicked others. (read more...)

Do you know what your health insurance covers? Posted Sep 3rd 2008.
I am frequently asked by patients what is commonly covered by extended health insurance, but there is a large variability between different plans. The following questions will help you to learn about chiropractic (or any health care service) benefits covered by your insurance and make better-informed decisions about your health. (read more...)

Presentation on Arthritis at the Deer Park Public Library on Wed, June 25th @ 2-3pm.
Find out about osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative joint disease) from a Naturopath and Chiropractor including how we can help. (read more...)

Sunlight, Vitamin D and the Health of Canadians. Posted May 24th 2008.
Research of Vitamin D suggests that it can help reduce the risk of chronic pain, cancers, infections heart disease and inflammatory conditions. However, 97% of Canadians have inadequate levels in the winter and spring months. Sunlight helps us to make vitamin D, but there are other sources in our diet. (read more...)

Sleep and Your Health. Posted April 18th 2008.
Yesterday I attended the Living-With-Living-Well education session "Wake Up: Sleep has an impact on your health!" put on by Toronto Rehab. The session covered a number of topics including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia and how these conditions can affect your health. (read more...)

Recent Scientific Review: Spinal Manipulation is Effective for Low Back Pain.
Posted April 16th 2008.
This post discusses the scientific review and clinical guidelines of the non-pharmaceutical treatment of low back pain published in 2007 by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians. The guidelines include recommending manual manipulation for acute and chronic low back pain (read more...)


Disclaimer: The information is provided for general knowledge only. As each person has different individual needs there is no guarantee the information specifically applies to the person reading it. If you require professional advice or care please contact Dr. Kato.

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